As a Pennsylvania-based company with regional headquarters in Cranberry Township, Butler County, Rex has been operating in the region for the better part of seven years. We deeply value our mineral and landowner partners and strive to be responsible neighbors in the communities where we operate through partnering with local community groups, setting and adhering to high operational standards and developing energy in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.


As you may know, the assets to be acquired by Rex from a Shell affiliate are located in Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Lawrence, Mercer and Venango counties in Pennsylvania and Columbiana and Mahoning counties in Ohio. We expect this transaction to be finalized around the second week of September. Importantly, the terms of your lease will not change.


As this process advances, we encourage you to ask questions through the form below and review several of the questions that have already been asked by some of your neighbors.


This is a transformational moment for our company as well as the community and we’re excited to be partnering with you to expand our regional operations. As we embark on this exciting journey together, we look forward to getting to know you and your community even better and working collaboratively to ensure that the clean-burning natural gas resources are developed safely and responsibly.



Scott Hodges
Senior Vice President
Rex Energy Corporation




This list will be updated as additional questions are submitted.


How do I know if my Shell lease is part of this transaction?

  • Rex will communicate, by letter, with all Shell lessors that are part of this transaction in the coming days. If you receive a letter from Rex, your lease agreement is part of this transaction.

    How many wells does Rex currently have in its Butler Operation area?

  • As of August 2014, Rex has drilled more than 100 wells in the Butler Operation area, more than 90 of which are producing; the rest are in the process of being brought into sales.

    When will my lease be developed?

  • Rex is currently evaluating all leases that are part of this transaction. Our initial development plans will focus on areas where the company has access to existing infrastructure. As this evaluation process advances, we will inform landowners of our development plans in their area.

    Will Rex be hiring more employees?

  • Yes. With this added acreage, we will be hiring additional employees to assist us in the development process. Many of these positions will be publicly posted on the “careers” page of our website. Rex Energy is an equal opportunity employer.

    How many acres does Rex have under lease in western Pennsylvania?

  • When this transaction is finalized, our total lease hold in our Butler Operated area will be approximately 298,000 gross acres.

    What are the phases of the well development process?

  • Well development entails a number of sub-processes that occur concurrently or sequentially. In summary, the well development process involves internal planning, permitting, site construction, drilling, completions (hydraulic fracturing), infrastructure, production, and site remediation.

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